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Questionable Teaching?

It has been brought to my attention both by visiting the website and by email(s) that there is a very questionable claim or teaching that is considered as a false doctrine or otherwise. No names will be mentioned as to what website this is, or who was spoken with via email(s), but it won't be hard to figure out upon visiting the website itself, and the fact that was only two suggested study webites at the bottom of our website. The reason they were removed is because those we have previously suggested have fallen to the lure of false doctrines, or have openly made false testimonies or accusations against others. The questionable teaching as shown from this website news is very hard to ignore, considering what the claims of this questionable teaching presents, which are based on "world religious" systems and the teachings from those systems, which also use the names and tiles that almost all the world religeons call on as opposed to the Names of the Father and His only brought forth of a father, otherwise known as Mashiah.

This claim to which in effect basically states that ha'Mashiah Yahusha never existed until He was born into this world in the flesh, and walked the Earth at that time.
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